Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Rant and a Rage!

So today has not been a good day for me.
I wanted to ride my bike to the station today but my tyre was flat so I had to drive.
I walk in to work at 0615 and my computer is not playing nice. We have two screens and the damn system is not registering 2 separate screens but one long rectangular one. So I deal with it for 4 hours before I am annoyed because everything is opening up on full screen which means it is bloody long!
I have logged out, dragged the window and dropped (which normally works to split it up again) and I have been playing with it for over 15 minutes now. I am meant to be working. I have even turned my computer on and off like 3 times. Then when I try to log back on it says Citrix is busy. So I leave my computer, by this time I am absolutely frustrated, and walk away for 10 minutes to calm down before I smash the bloody thing with a hammer. I come back turn it on and try again. Still the damn thing wont work, so I try a different computer. SAME DAMN MESSAGE! I go next door and log on in the first try and everything is perfect.

A colleague was with me at the working computer and he asks why I’m over this side. I explain, already frustrated, and he says in SUCH a condescending tone ‘Do you want me to show you how to do it?’ I already know how to do it. I was doing it before IT support rocked up. Im not computer illiterate I know what I am doing. I have even tried other computers! So I told him, ‘I know how to do it, I have been trying to get it to work for 20 minutes and now it wont let me log on. I have even tried a different computer’ My gosh I snapped :O And then I apologised.

Walk back into the office and say I am working from next door because my system is not working. Boss says to lodge a report, and that’s fine, I will. IT support comes along to play with the computer and see if she can get it to work. I was at that point that if anyone had of said anything to me I would have snapped. Even IT support.

Like I said I’m not a freaking idiot and I try things before I ask for help. This just pissed me off too much.
Grr Rant OVER!

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Damn it...

I forgot to post again and now I don't know what day it is. I will have to backdate tonight when I remember :) Honey Soy Chicken for lunch today and I finally had my steak for lunch yesterday! SO YUMMY!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Isagenix 30 Day CLeanse Day 7 & 8

Just like with my diary/journal/log, whatever you want to call it, I forget to post. I got so caught up on Monday. Had a Personal Training Session on Monday followed by two games of volleyball and when I got home I just had a shake and went to bed. Tuesday I hit the gym for an hour, got in some squats to build up my hamstring. Kind of damaged it a few weeks a go. Still recovering but so far 20kg is a slight twing but the weight is good.. Which is saying something because I used to do 60kg squats. I really need a gym buddy. Any takers? And then I did an hour of Pilates. Whoever said Pilates was easy LIED!

Monday's lunch was roast chicken from Light'n'Easy and Tuesday I had Salmon Pasta. I preferred the chicken over the pasta, but my mum LOVED the salmon pasta. I guess milk/cream is still affecting me. Yesterday (Tuesday 13/05/2014) I cheated. I had two (2) coffees rather than an e+ shot. BAD girl. Time to get back into it.

Picking up my passport (hopefully) today and Last night of Pole. Which means dress up. 80's aerobics anyone???

~ Pringle

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse - Day 6

So today is weigh in day for mum and I. In one (1) week, with six (6) of those being strict with Isagenix, I have lost 4.45kg. HOLY CRAP. I weigh under 65kg now! I have been 70kg+ for more than two (2) years. I feel GREAT! Now I do have a little bit more to go before I am at a 'healthy weight range. I haven't just been doing Isagenix. I have been exercising. Personal Training Session one (1) day a week, indoor beach volleyball twice a week with an average of two (2) games played, Pilates once a week, Pole dancing once a week and Ninjutsu. That's meant to be once a week but I didn't go this week as it was day two (2) of the cleanse and last week we all went fishing.

The snacks I have had today were a IsaDelight and an avocado. Lunch was the Porcupine in tomato sauce with potato from Light'n'Easy. It was meatballs with rice in them hence the name porcupine, with mashed potato, peas and Carrot. It was amazing. I loved it so much it is now my favourite meal from Lite'n'Easy

Today I was hungry. Probably because I have eaten the first proper meal in two (2) days. I was so restless that I just wanted to get out of the house. So instead I tidied up my room and threw some of my clothes out. Now that I have lost weight some are WAY to big for me, and I normally wear baggy clothes. I feel so better to have less stuff. Is that weird?


Light'n'Easy - HERE
Isagenix Australia - HERE

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse - Day 3

Day 3 - 8 May 2014

So my day started off great. Walked into work today to find that the roof in the men's bathroom leaks when it rains. We have been having rain lately. It's good, not for the bathroom. Although the damn roof does drip like a leaky faucet. The rest of the day went pretty smoothly and quickly. Didn't feel like I did much though.

Had an egg and an E+ shot today for my snacks. I needed the energy. I have been feeling so tired lately. I have notice a few people do, but they feel better after a cleanse day. So Friday will be my cleanse day. Think I might do a two (2) day cleanse. Which means light exercise if you do any. Well I have nothing planned for Friday and Ninjutsu is light exercise.

So lunch today was Beef Stroganoff. It didn't taste like the one I make. It had a lot of capsicum in it though. I kind of liked it. Not my favorite but VERY filling. Other than that I ate the left over pasta from one of the girls. It was the Three (3) Cheese Ravioli with pesto sauce you get from Pasta cup. I'm not a fan of pesto but it was OK. The only reason I ate the pasta? I needed the calories because I was playing volleyball that night.

Volleyball was good. Played the first game, umpired the second (not a fan of umpiring) and played the last. Got a good workout and was sweating which is good. Oh I also got a chance to speak to someone in the ADF (navy) and asked her a few questions. YAY!

I'm going to regret choosing a cleanse day for Friday now. The girls at work want to do a coffee and cake thing, which I can;t have done anyway. But now the office will smell like coffee and cake. Although my choice of coffee would be a Soy Vanilla Latte. Doesn't sound to pretentious?


P.S. If you know about Isagenix, you will know that the shakes are made with whey. I am lactose intolerant. Not a confirmed diagnosis but milk doesn't sit well with me. Although I have to say I have had no problems with Isagenix and I am on my second lot of the 30 Day Cleanse.

EDIT: I forgot to post this :P

Isatgenix 30 Day Cleanse - Day 5

So I did do the double cleanse like I thought I would. surprisingly it was easy. Maybe because I was used to not eating. the only things I did eat was an IsaDelight and an IsaSnack because I had green tea and it upsets my empty stomach.

Nothing else really much happened. I bought a mothers day present for mum, 50cm Lazy Suzan (she loves it by the way), got some other stuff for me :) and baby sat four kids. They were alright. Other than that I stayed up talking with the parents until 1 am and then gave the visitors a lift home. Stayed the night and gave the mother of the house a mothers day gift. She is like my work mum and every time I am over she will steal my Flanno so I bought her her own one.

But yeah, two (2) cleanse days in a row is OK.


Friday, 9 May 2014

Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse - Day 4

Woohoo, I actually posted on the right day :)

So today I chose to do a cleanse day. No food, only the IsaSnacks to tide me over. Oh and herbal tea. I like my herbal tea from T2. You aren't allowed caffeine or milk on a cleanse day so these are perfect. I tried to drink the green tea from lipton and that just made my stomach upset. I will give you a tip. Do not drink green tea on an empty stomach.
 The teas I have so far are the Fuschia (limited edition), Green Rose, Madagascan Vanilla (which tastes so good with Vanilla Soy milk) and Nighty Night. I'm not drinking the Vanilla in case it has caffeine, but I wouldn't know.

Throughout the day I have only had two or three IsaSnacks, and that was only when I felt really hungry. I have to admit, cleanse days are hard. No wonder they tell you to do minimal exercise on a cleanse day. You also drink A LOT of water. I do cheat a little, I put the Slim and Sassy oil from DoTERRA in my water as I find it helps to fight off hunger.

The Cleanse for Life powder reminds me of cough medicine. It is not my favourite but I get through it. Mind over Matter gets me through a cleanse day and any time I am hungry and want to snack. And I am honestly thinking of making it a double cleanse. Two (2) cleanse days in a row is an intense cleanse. They do not recommend doing more that two (2) in a row or in a week. Am I insane or what? The best thing about a cleanse day? You wake up in the morning with a flat stomach and your self esteem hits an all time high. Well I know mine does :)

If you are doing a cleanse, GOOD LUCK!


DoTERRA Australia - HERE
Isagenix Australia - HERE