Saturday, 15 March 2014

Chia Seeds

The good thing about house sitting is you get to eat all the food!!! (within reason) I mean if it is going to go off before the residence get home, eat it. They will just have to throw it out when they get home any way. So I raided the fridge and found a chia pod. The ingredients were chia gel, coconut milk and banana. I have NEVER had chia before but I have heard about it and all the good things that go with it. I started googling what chia gel was. It is literally chia in water (or another liquid).

So I remembered that I had chia in the cupboard. Now I am experimenting. I have some soaking in water, for everyday use. Some soaking in coconut milk, for snacks like the chia pod (even though the above was made with water and coconut milk was and added later). And strangely some in Orange juice (Orange C from Browns in Australia). I got the idea from a web page I read here. And Wellness Mama explains 10 uses for Chia, but there are so many more uses.

(clockwise from top left: Water, Coconut Milk, Orange Juice)

So it has not been thirty (30) minutes soaking. The water is a nice thick gel, the coconut milk has thickened up considerably but not like the water, and the orange juice is slightly thick. still resembles chia seeds in orange juice. If you don't want to see the seeds you can use the white ones, I only had black on hand. They both have the same dietary benefits, it only depends on if you want to see them in your food as to which one you buy.

Now that I have the 'gel' time to make some snacks :)

Friday, 14 March 2014

Carnival Mask

I am attempting to make a mask to wear to dance for next week. We get to dress up in a carnival theme and of course the clothes we have to wear are very limited. This means that I can't wear the big feather butt pieces (like a Rio carnival) So instead I have gotten a mask. The mask will have sequins and feathers. So no one can see my face :D

Work in progress. My Starting point.

Add a base of green

Add a nice eye colour

Now attempt to do the opposite side
 It didn't work. Oh well, it is a good thing that I am covering that half in sequins.
This is what it looks like so far. I need to get my glue from home. Oh and that is a tarp on the floor. I didn't want to get anything covered in paint. Although my hand didn't miss out on the paint fun.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Oil Pulling with coconut oil

So for the first time ever I have tried oil pulling. Oil pulling is a technique by which you swish oil (I prefer coconut but you can use others) around your mouth, like mouth wash but without the gargling, for 10 to 20 minutes. Ten you spit it into the bin. The reason for the bin is that the oil will go solid on contact with the cold sink and block your drains. It is best to do this first thing in the morning so that food doesn't effect it.

I have heard about it before as well as all its benefits but it wasn't until yesterday that it came into my pah again. I read about it on a blog from Fashion Lush, which explains the origins of oil pulling and how it has changed their life for the better. I then found facts on Body and Soul which was also good but not as mind changing as Fashion Lush. By the way I was linked to Fashion Lush by James Boyle, he is an inspiration and makes some AWESOME looking food.

From these two links I went onto Sarah Wilson. Now if you now the name it is because she has written two books on why she quit sugar and they come with recipes! Here is ONE of her posts about coconut oil. She is now my new role model. he uses all natural products, has a sustainable garden and she isn't all talk, she lives the lifestyle. I am so buying her books :)

OK, just got distracted reading Sarah Wilson's blog, again.
So Oil pulling. I use the Virgin Pressed unrefined oil as suggested. I store it in the fridge because Australian weather is too hot and the oil melts in the kitchen. My first attempt, the oil was semi solid still and I had no idea how to melt it in my mouth to start swishing. It didn't work so I spat it out. At least it tasted good. My second attempt went a lot better. I started to get the liquid feeling in my mouth and the swishing began. Just like rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash. Get it all over, the backs of your teeth, the front, gums, tongue and push it between your teeth. I lasted about 7-8 minutes before I couldn't handle it. You keep producing saliva so the volume increases and it gets a bit froffy (like milk). If it becomes too much spit a little into the bin. I will be working up to the 10 to 20 minute mark.

Try not to swallow any oil. The idea behind oil pulling is that the oil sticks to the toxins and the bad stuff in your body and pulls them out through your mouth. So you spit the toxins out, you don't want them back. The health benefits can be long and some may find it helps for certain things that others wont. the main one is whiter teeth. it is also apparently good for you immune system. I hope so I have a cold a the moment. Probably another reason I only lasted 7 minutes.

For the first attempt, not a bad effort. Will try again Monday :)

Has cold... SHOULD rest

So yesterday was Friday. YAY FRIDAY! Not for me.
I went home a little earlier than usual as I was suffering a really bad head cold. Bought Nandos for dinner, hoping to sweat it out with the chili. After that I felt so sick, and sore. Blocked nose, fever making me sweat as well and also feeling the chills. Felt like a blanket was smothering my face and all my muscles felt tender and stiff at the same time. Decided to lay on the couch and watch a movie, bad choice. With the fever my emotions were on high alert, small things would make me cry or laugh. Decided to watch Rapunzel, normally I don't cry at all but for about 50% of the movie, if I didn't find it the most funniest thing on earth, I was crying and being even MORE snotty (yuck).

Bah, enough of the movie. Think a good night sleep might help? It would, if you didn't have a dog that decided to jump in the bed and wake you up three times in the night. Either that or you wake up in a puddle of sweat because you know, middle of summer with a fever and sleeping under a doona/duvet (thick blanket for winter). Smart move -.-'

So now it's Saturday. SLEEP IN! (I wish)
Dog kept waking me up after 7am wanting to be fed so I had to get up. :'(
Went to the shops, bought supplies and breakfast and then from about 9am onwards I was cleaning. I don't mean just a simple vacuum and wash. I wiped all the bench tops, cupboard doors, fridge doors, bins, oven, stoves, chair backs, dish washer, washing machine, bathrooms and walls. Yes the walls, where kids mark with grubby fingers, pets rub up with dirty fur and food splashes. You really don't know how dirty they get until you start to clean them. Once that was done I vacuumed and then went out the front and pulled out the weeds and trimmed the roses. I call this a spaz attack, because I can't stop until I am satisfied or until the attack goes away. It happens in EVERY house.

A full day of HARD work, sweating like a pig. Time for a HOT shower, not so healthy dinner and a BIG bowl of ice cream. And after all the sweating my cold doesn't feel so bad.

I bet the home owners weren't expecting a house cleaner when they ordered a house sitter :)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Getting into it again

So I'm back house sitting again for the next three weeks, then I'm home for a week and back up (even more) north for another four weeks. So this means I get to cook for myself, hit the gym and get into my craft without distractions :) So far I have taken the dog for two walks, made a slow cooked stew wit lots of veggies and beans and MY GOSH it tastes so GOOD! I'm very proud of myself. And I have got frozen fruit and juice icy poles going in the freezer because it is so bloody hot :O

I cant wait for them to freeze so I can have them after the gym :)

Well I'm off to eat some stew
~ Pringle ~

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

So Freaking HAPPY!

So for a while now I have wanted to get a Canon EOS digital camera and I finally got one. I got the EOS 1100D. IT IS AMAZING. It is so comfy to hold. It came with two lenses for different zoom. The macro's option is incredible. GAAAHHHH I'm just so happy.

I also got a GoPro whilst I was at it :) Going to use it when I go out a do more eg. bike riding, kayaking and camping XD Bring it ON!

Oh and now I have a boab gazebo. It is 3x3m so I'm gonna use it this Australia day. Set up the shade, the volleyball net, esky with cold drink, music and mates. what more could you ask for (especially seeing as how we have a great beach nearby) Shall have to take a LOT of photos :)

I am slowly becoming independent :D

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Aussie Sun...

Is so bloody hot. I mean you go out in the sun for an hour and you get a dark tan, any longer and you most likely get burnt. it doesn't matter how many layers of sunscreen or even if you wear a shirt. You still get tanned.
However you go into another country and the SAME sun wont burn you unless you go unprotected for more than 3 hours.
Its the same sun... What is this? I wasn't even swimming for more than an hour and I already have a tan. I colour up nicely though. I think I need a cold one (cider) or some ice cream.